• CAS, Department of Botany,
    University of Calcutta

In Collaboration

  • Probir Chatterjee
    Research Foundation
  • Botanical Survey
    of India

Aims & Relevance.

The prelude to life flourishing on our planet was its "greening", the single most significant evolutionary step when chlorophyll-bearing autotrophs started diversifying and claiming all the niches of the world.

Algae- the progenitors of land plants, Bryophytes & Pteridophytes- the oldest landplants, the mighty Gymnosperms and the Angiosperms constitute the largest group of living things on this planet, making earth indeed a 'Green Planet'.

The conference aims to showcase the diversity of green plants, their contributions in maintaining life on this planet and their importance in adapting to stress, so that the Green Planet survives and sustains life in all its glory.

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Inaugural & Scientific Sessions

  1. Plant Kingdom- The Bio-colorant of the Planet
    1. Biodiversity, Conservation and Climate Change
    2. Past vegetation and Climate
    3. Role of Microbes on Green Planet
  2. Chromosomal Explorations
  3. Globalization, Plant Biotechnology and IPR
    1. Functional Genomics
    2. Plant Biotechnology and IPR
    3. Pharmacology and Biomedicine
    4. Phyto-nanoblotechnoloy
  4. Plant-Environment Interaction
    1. Stress Biology
    2. Plant-Animal Interaction

Our International Speakers.

  1. Prof. Debashish Bhattacharya

    Prof. Debashish Bhattacharya
    Rutgers University

  2. Dr. Navid Moheimani

    Dr. Navid Moheimani
    Murdoch University

  3. Prof. John A. West

    Prof. John A. West
    University of Melbourne.

  4. Prof. E.K. Ganesan

    Prof. E.K. Ganesan
    Oriente University,Venezuela

  5. Prof. Sheikh Shamimul Alam

    Prof. Sheikh Shamimul Alam
    University of Dhaka

  6. Prof. Rakha Hari Sarkar

    Prof. Rakha Hari Sarkar
    University of Dhaka

  7. Prof. Imdadul Haque

    Prof. Imdadul Haque
    University of Dhaka

  8. Prof. Lubomir Kovacik

    Prof. Lubomir Kovacik
    Comenius University

  9. Dr. Axel Brockmann

    Dr. Axel Brockmann
    NCBS, Bangaluru

Organizing Committee.